Mantra: A Key to Wisdom

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A mantra is a sacred thought, sound, word, or grouping of words which aid in concentration during meditation, to calm, to guide and to illuminate. The ritual of mantra has been used for thousands of years, by those seeking to further their meditation practice and connect more deeply to Source Energy. 

Each mantra carries with its own distinct symbol or thought, and works on the principle that when we hear the specific sacred sound and repeat it over and over, we can tune into it, become part of its vibration and receive its specific wisdom.

A Mirror to Our Beliefs

Everyone in our lives holds up a mirror to our beliefs. This is especially true of our significant others, close friends and coworkers, and the reason why our closest relationships are sometimes the most challenging. 

How to Transform Limiting Beliefs (A Step By Step Guide)

In our last post, The Power of Meditation, we discussed the value of meditation in helping to raise awareness and create a meaningful connection between the body and higher consciousness.

The Power of Meditation

Meditation is a universal, active process of uniting the physical body with higher consciousness, which enables us to tune in to Universal guidance, develop awareness, and understand and love ourselves and others.

Two Kinds of Truths

There are two kinds of truths: Universal Truth and Contextual Truth. Universal Truth can be recognized by a feeling of peace or joy, it is timeless and always grounded in love. If something is Universally True it can be found in every philosophy, religion and culture, as well as in science. 

Contextual Truth is something that was true at one time or in the context of a certain situation, but does not apply Universally. It may bring up feelings of fear, anger, confusion or mistrust and may begin to have a limiting effect on our lives.