Mantra: A Key to Wisdom

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A mantra is a sacred thought, sound, word, or grouping of words which aid in concentration during meditation, to calm, to guide and to illuminate. The ritual of mantra has been used for thousands of years, by those seeking to further their meditation practice and connect more deeply to Source Energy. 

Each mantra carries with its own distinct symbol or thought, and works on the principle that when we hear the specific sacred sound and repeat it over and over, we can tune into it, become part of its vibration and receive its specific wisdom.

Not so commonly known is that mantras have a hierarchy and it is important they are recited in the right order. This is because they each open access to further levels of consciousness. Every mantra has its own wisdom, and every wisdom builds on from the previous one. 

A good place to begin is with one of the following: “Om” meaning One, “Satnam” meaning There is Only One Constant/ God, “Aham Prema” meaning I Am Divine Love, or “Abwoon d’Bashmaya” meaning I Wish to Be One With The Source. These mantras will help you to most easily connect to Source Energy. Find one that resonates well with you and feels right within your body.

For more personalized mantras it is recommended to work under the guidance of a spiritual teacher, because she or he will be able to objectively see your needs and find the mantra that will assist you in making your next step. Some mantras may feel uncomfortable at first because they may be connecting you to something you have buried deep or been trying to resist for some time. 

First, find a comfortable place to sit. Begin by repeating the mantra and trying to tune to its vibrations. Focus on your breath, breathing calmly and steadily. Now guide your attention through your body. Observe how each part receives this vibration. How does the breath change as it moves through the different areas of your body? If it does not flow to every part, don't feel the need to force it. Take your time and don’t rush this process, simply observe and try to understand the information you are receiving. What thoughts, emotions and memories start to appear?

You may experience memories of your childhood or from pivotal moments in your life. If so, try to connect to the person you were at the time, with who you are now. Be compassionate with your then self, and see yourself through the eyes of love and empathy, surrounding yourself with love and light. This will help you to move on from any stagnant emotions or residual feelings that you may still be carrying, associated with that experience or time.

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