Event Courses

You are the Creator of your life. Every endeavor you undertake, be it related to relationships, family, work or health, involves a creative process guided by fundamental principles. In this first workshop, you will identify your passions, core values and aspirations and define the vision for your new endeavor. At the same time assessing the needs of the marketplace and the involvement of external collaborators and stakeholders.

In this workshop, you will explore the valuable wisdom inherent in your life experiences and recognize the effort you have already invested in developing yourself personally and professionally. By embracing this understanding, you will not only acquire insights into the knowledge, skills, and resources that you already possess, but gain clarity on areas that may require further growth or transformation.

In this workshop, you will define the form your project will take, fleshing out and clearly defining your proposed venture. Using your vision as your compass, you will draw from lessons of past experiences, determine the needs of the market and develop potential solutions. This process is essential for translating your visionary energy into tangible outcomes.

During this workshop, you will consolidate the knowledge and skills acquired from the initial three stages of the program. This includes aligning the 3 Archetypes of the 'Inner Family,' defining your vision, extracting wisdom from past experiences, and crafting a comprehensive project description.

This stage symbolizes your project's emergence into the external world, where you begin to present your concepts to potential collaborators, team members and investors. Here, you will acquire the skills to genuinely inspire others to join your venture, placing a strong emphasis on cultivating authentic and compelling leadership.

At this stage, you will already have a clear definition of the form your project will take, how you will execute it, and who you will collaborate with. The key lies in genuinely understanding the potential, limitations and needs of everyone involved (yourself, your project, partners, and clients) while avoiding assumptions and unrealistic expectations.

During this pivotal stage, you will develop a prototype of your product, serving as both the proof of concept and the foundation for its successful entry into the marketplace. Here, you will assess the practical aspects of your product, identify strengths and weaknesses, make any necessary adjustments, and ensure it continues to align with your vision.

In this workshop, you will integrate the valuable insights acquired in all the preceding stages of the Creation Process, which have culminated in the tangible realization of your prototype. Here you will examine the successes and challenges of each stage and determine any changes that need to be made to propel your project forward.

During this workshop you will delve into the impact of your ancestral lineage and karmic history on your creative endeavors. By gaining a deep understanding of your behavioral DNA, you will have the opportunity to release outdated beliefs and behaviors that persist within you and drive your actions. Armed with this knowledge, you can break free from the cycle of potential past limitations and forge a path towards an enduring and successful endeavor.

During this phase, you will build the logistical infrastructure that underlies the strategic, long-term plan you have created. This process will entail upholding the overarching vision for your concept while attending to the intricate details that demand thorough planning and precise execution.