Event Courses

During this first workshop, you will identify your passion and define the vision for your new endeavor. This will include examining where you are now and what you would like to change in your work. What drives you and what you want to change in your professional life. You will begin by identifying all the ways you have separated from authentic yourself and your true calling in life- you will examine the limiting beliefs and coping mechanism that have prevented you from seeing your direction clearly. You will remove blockages that have kept you from seeing and following your desired path.  

At this phase, you will examine what your body remembers from the past. You will observe experiences where you were successful in becoming your true self, and the blockages that prevent you from fully experiencing the vision that you had. This process includes making a list of qualities that you will need to embody, and identifying the positive and negative attributes in your beliefs and behavior, that either help or hinder you from achieving your goal.

During this phase you will nurture the seed of your vision, feeding it with the lessons learned from the past, while examining all its possibilities. You will begin by identifying what influences have stopped the seed from growing fully (such as presenting the idea when it was not fully developed, lack of self belief. or abandoning the project before it was fully realized). You will then work intensively on the following stages of development: fleshing out and defining your propsed venture, exploring its possible forms and incarnations, and finally evaluating how all these elements feel intuitively. Through meditation, you will listen to your body to see where the energy flows, or where you are facing stagnation or resistance. You will refine your idea and hone in on the ultimate form it will take.  Finally, you create a two minute elevator pitch that will articulate your new concept to the world. 

At this phase you discover how to ignite passion for your endeavor in others. During the workshop you learn how to gather power and use it wisely. You first observe all the misconceptions of power, based on your body's memories. You also remove coping mechanisms that were stopping you from inspiring others to join and support you and that were in the way of your success. Next, you practice making your "elevator speech" that you created in Step 3 to other workshop participants, and check your body's reactions and the impact of your speech on others.  This process teaches you to distinguish when you are in power, and when and how you can empower others; in doing so, you learn to inspire cooperation and resolve conflicts. By the end of this workshop, you are ready to practice this with others outside of the workshop and, over the span of a month or so, apply what you have learned so far. 

At this phase the element of time is introduced, and you explore how time impacts the choices and schedules you make. You learn how to establish boundaries, defining how much you can to commit at any given time, and still be able to  develop the project with passion. You begin by identifying places in your body which hold fears of privation (e.g., lack of time, resources or support). You will first observe the limiting coping mechanisms and other types of barriers you have in place, then remove them. You will learn how to prioritize and schedule activities so that you don't become overwhelmed by your own demands or those of others. This often involves addressing fears, a lack of self-confidence, and letting go of the old to create the new.

During this phase you will create and implement your plan, step-by-step. As you set it in motion, you will observe each stage of the process and compare it to the previous steps: you will test to see whether all the elements are aligned in order for you to proceed: your vision, experience, ability, power, support, boundaries, specifications, and scheduling. During this workshop, you will begin to observe your relationship with the physical manifestation of your endeavor. You will examine what factors may leave you entangled with attachments to physical reality or lose sight of your destination.  You will work on your protoype until it works according to your expectations, if not, you you re-evaluate the factors in steps 1-5 and identify where the misalignment(s) have occurred, and adjust accordingly.  

At this phase you  will develop a strategic, long-term plan for your idea. The process will involve a clear and truthful evaluation of the undertaking, taking into account the requirements, resources, and all other considerations and implications for the full implementation and progression of the endeavor.  You will begin by observing all the situations in which your long-term planning ignored or avoided feedback from the current reality; you will observe the body memory of those instances, and the coping mechanisms you developed to avoid the reality of the situation. You will transform these limiting mechanisms, and observe how the resulting release and opening-up influences your venture.

During this phase you will build the logistical infrastructure that underlies the strategic, long-term plan created in Step 7.  This process will involve maintaining the broad vision for your idea, while paying attention to all of the details, which need to be very carefully planned and executed. Often times you need to react quickly based only on partial data. Your strategic and timely decisions will sometimes need to be informed in part by intuition, not only logic or fact, in order to seize an opportunity. You will begin by identifying and removing any remaining rigid belief structures in your body from past professional activities in order to make way for the new. This applies on both a physical and emotional level and will allow you to open the channels within you to access your intuition. 

This final phase will be the defining test of everything you have developed throughout the Creation Process. It will encompass the entire infrastructure of your venture and provide a unique opportunity to receive invaluable feedback from everyone involved in the endeavor. This step will require two qualities of consciousness: 1) speaking the naked truth, without any embellishment and 2) presenting your endeavor authentically and gathering feedback, without judgment on yourself or others. This workshop challenges you to accept others' comments without self-doubt or fear of inadequacy. You will discover in which ways you may embellish the truth or be in denial of where the project actually stands. You will also become aware of the ways in which you may try protect yourself from feedback, and how it can have an effect on your self esteem. You will learn how invite feedback rather than reject it.

This advanced workshop is intended for those who have completed steps 1-9 of our Business Development workshop series, and want to deepen their understanding even further. During this workshop, you will review all the steps of The Creation Process and the effects they have on your project or business. From this higher perspective you will gain a new understanding of your current situation, and all of its influences.

This class is to be taken when you need more understanding of the hidden influencers behind your project or business venture, so you can understand and transform issues that may be slowing down its development or stopping it from reaching its fullest potential.

Prerequisite: Completion of Business Development Workshops 1-9