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Who we are

At The School of Creation™, our mission is to empower you to achieve your professional and personal goals by teaching you to Consciously Create the life of your dreams.

What we offer

A wide range of mindfulness-driven courses that empower you to excel in all areas of your life including Professional Development, Leadership Training, Entrepreneurial Workshops, Personal Development, Relationship Workshops, and Group Retreats.

What sets us apart

Our teaching methods help you learn and integrate the concepts of the creation process through mindfulness and experience. Our philosophy is rooted in the principle that the source of all insight lies WITHIN YOU.

Combining powerful ancient teachings with modern day practices, we help you gain clarity, access your inner wisdom, and empower you to live more mindfully by uncovering and transforming limiting beliefs that prevent you from taking the path your heart truly desires.

What people are saying

  • The process of Creation gave me the tools to recognize Truth from untruth and replace destructive mechanisms with solutions that build lasting relationships with others. It freed me from beliefs that restricted the creation of my own relationship and today, instead of fighting about who is better, we walk together in the same direction.

    — Asia G. Warsaw, Poland
  • Ania helped me to look at my management approach in a different way. After working with her, I could see things from their perspective and with this new insight was able to build a more cooperative team.  My team is getting along better than ever and I am enjoying going to work again! 

    — Bibby G. San Francisco, CA
  • I have deep gratitude to Ania for her guidance in creating a clear vision and plan for my business. My work now reflects and embodies my deepest commitment to service and social justice. In doing what my heart desires I've become a better facilitator attracting organizations whose mission I am excited and privileged to support.

    — Selma A. Oakland, CA
  • I was interested in many self development and spiritual teaching methods. Every one was valuable in some way, but as soon as I started taking the Process of Creation workshops, I had the feeling that I did not have to look any further.

    — Marta P. Warsaw, Poland
  • For myself, the techniques and guidelines learned are a priceless integration in my every day experience and my understanding of life’s creations as a whole. I am deeply grateful for Ania and the teachings she offers.

    — Tom D. Nevada City, CA

Latest news

Everyone in our lives holds up a mirror to our beliefs. This is especially true of our significant others, close friends and coworkers, and the reason why our closest relationships are sometimes the most challenging. 

In our last post, The Power of Meditation, we discussed the value of meditation in helping to raise awareness and create a meaningful connection between the body and higher consciousness.

Meditation is a universal, active process of uniting the physical body with higher consciousness, which enables us to tune in to Universal guidance, develop awareness, and understand and love ourselves and others.