Our Mission

To Empower Individuals to Reach Their Full Potential by Becoming the Conscious Creators of Their Lives

At The School of Creation, our mission is to empower you to achieve your personal and professional goals by teaching you to consciously create the life of your dreams.

Combining the teachings of many ancient cultures, and translating this knowledge into modern day practices, we help you gain clarity, access your inner wisdom and empower you to live more mindfully by uncovering and transforming beliefs preventing you from taking the path your heart truly desires.

​Our teaching methods help you learn and integrate the concepts of the creation process through experience, rather than sole intellectual knowledge, and are rooted in the principle that the source of Divine wisdom lies WITHIN YOU. This experience and awareness allows you to make decisions that are aligned with your authentic self and higher purpose, creating meaningful and sustainable results.

Our 10 step program, The Spectrum of Creation, helps you define your vision, identify and release blocks and move through the creative process while staying balanced and tuned in to the vibration of Universal Guidance. With this shift in perception, your limiting beliefs and roadblocks are transformed into a driving force for growth and success in all areas of your life.

​At The School of Creation we give you the tools to be the Conscious Creator of your life, for a life free of limiting beliefs, driven by passion and purpose.

Meet our team

school of creation, teacher, nauczyciel, anna brandysiewicz
Master teacher

I founded the School of Creation because I wanted to offer an effective way of combining spiritual teachings, with internal intuitive guidance, and a practical creation process to empower people to transform limiting beliefs and become the conscious creators of their lives.

school of creation, lena swiadek, teacher
Senior teacher

I am very passionate about assisting people to realize their fullest potential. As a mother of three and a writer, I have a lot of experince and love to help my clients establish long lasting relationships and find their unique voice in their art or business.

Monika Jakubiak, teacher, School of Creation, nauczyciel
Senior teacher

I am a teacher at the School of Creation, a Lomi Lomi Nui massage therapist and Tibetan sound bowl therapist. I have a background in sociology, and specialize in negotiation, mediation and conflict resolutions. I work with individuals, and couples who desire to create a relationship based on love, trust and mutual understanding.

Anna Dabrowska, School of Creation, Teacher

My passion is to inspire others to become conscious creators and to truly love themselves, to build solid foundations, based on simple values ​​and rooted in love, in the most important areas of life.

Charlotta Zielińska, School of Creation, Szkola Tworzenia, Teacher, nauczyciel

I strongly believe that life is our creation. Through the Creation Process I teach others (and myself) how to choose and create consciously... in other words, how to reach our desired goals and truly meet our needs in life. I am also a mother, actress and psychologist.

school of creation, teacher, nauczyciel, joanna gruszeczka

I am a teacher specializing in the Process of Creation for relationships and business. I help my clients to attain their goals, by helping them define and execute their vision, both in their personal and profesional lives.

school of creation, kalina wawrzynska, teacher

My mission is to help people discover their connection with inner love and truth, as well as, their own genuine needs, capabilities, talents and passions.

school of creation, teacher, nauczyciel, konrad kruzmanowski

I’m happy to assist my clients with discovering their full potential, be it in business, relationships or art. I also help men create relationships based on trust and closeness, while uncovering the power of vulnerability and authenticity.

school of creation, teacher, nauczyciel, marta zlotnikiewicz

I assist my clients in creating a relationship with themselves, which is the basis for creating meaningful relationships with others, as well as, finding their authentic voice and color in fulfilling their life passions and direction.

Michal Repelewicz, teacher, school of creation, nauczyciel

I co-create at the Creation School by arranging meditations, workshops and individual consultations where I support people in the conscious creation of everyday life and business from the space of the heart.

school of creation, teacher, nauczyciel, rafal szajwaj

My vision using this process is to help others discover the creator inside, find their inner power, walk their chosen path, and also gain a greater understanding of the world around us.

school of creation, teacher, nauczyciel, barbara gebal
Junior teacher

My passion is to support people in the conscious creation of their professional and personal lives. I have been learning the science of the Creation Process for 6 years, transforming my beliefs and gradually changing my life into one that gives me more and more joy and fulfillment.

school of creation, teacher, nauczyciel, jan baldyga
Junior teacher

My goal is to support people in creating personal relationships and business projects, with love. I focus on the process of understanding our experience, and getting the wisdom that we can use to consciously create a future which meets our needs.

Joanna Kulikowska, teacher, nauczyciel, school of creation
Junior teacher

I assist my clients in finding their unique voice in both business and personal relationships. I am especially passionate in helping those who want to develop their potential through artistic discovery and sports.

school of creation, teacher, nauczyciel, katarina pikulska-pederson
Junior teacher

My passion is to assist people in realizing their potential in the areas of health and close relationships. 

Magda Lena Grabala teacher school of creation
Junior teacher

Since 2014, I have consciously created my personal and professional relationships based on the Creation Process. As a teacher of this method, I accompany people on their journey to better know themselves, and discover their true passions in relationships and business.

school of creation, teacher, nauczyciel, szymon sekulski
Junior teacher

As a physiotherapist I use the School of Creation method to support my clients in understanding the causes of their disorders, and in regaining their health.

school of creation, zuzanna radziszewska, teacher
Junior teacher

From the age of 17, I have studied at the School of Creation on what it means to be a Conscious Creator, and build a life based on Love and the Process of Creation. Today, this method is my way of life.