Zuzanna Radziszewska

school of creation, zuzanna radziszewska, teacher
Junior teacher

From the age of 17, I have studied at the School of Creation on what it means to be a Conscious Creator, and build a life based on Love and the Process of Creation. Today, this method is my way of life.

As a teacher at Ania's school, I conduct individual sessions and meditation groups using the Creation Process method, where I guide clients to direct their attention to the signals coming from their body and follow it's guidance. I help people to find the causes of their physical ailments and assist in understanding them so that they can help heal themselves both physically and emmotionally, and free themselves from limiting beliefs.

I also help students to find their true direction and passion for studying, and in doing so find a supportive approach to exams. As a future mother, I want to support children as well as parents in the conscious building of family and partner relationships

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