Our Process

The Spectrum of Creation™ process teaches you how to consciously create authentic relationships, create with intention in the workplace or help you get your dream project off the ground. It empowers you define your vision and find your true path in life, forging relationships based on trust and understanding, or business projects driven by passion for what you love to do.

Every day, we create different beliefs and habits that influence our decisions, and guide our everyday choices. The lives we lead are the sum of our accumulated experiences, beliefs built on the basis of love and truth strengthen us, those based on fear and anger will usually harm us.

Our beliefs and choices are often subconsciously influenced by limiting mental or emotional patterns we developed as a result of traumas or difficult situations experienced during our lives. We may have long forgotten the causes, or deliberately pushed them into the backs of our minds, but they often still affect us today. To change these stagnant beliefs, we have to look deeper into our subconscious and examine what is stored there.

At The School of Creation™, we work with you to examine and understand what limiting beliefs and coping mechanisms may be affecting you and influencing your present day life. Why you may be repeating negative patterns of behavior or becoming involved in negative relationships. Why you may feel stuck and unable to make progress in your personal life or career. 

Our physical bodies are like maps of events from our lives, and contain the memories of all our experiences. When we experience pain, this is often a result of stored emotions or limiting beliefs that have not been resolved. When we focus our attention on the area of pain, and look into the memories stored there, we can begin to understand and move through the forgotten or suppressed emotions. Working through the issues in our emotional bodies helps us relieve the physical pain we are experiencing, as this pain is a way for our bodies to communicate to us that there is something wrong with our belief systems.

Old, harmful habits can be replaced with new, healthy ones. Becoming aware of the relationship between past traumas and the current challenges in our lives opens the way to healing. Understanding the mechanisms of limiting beliefs helps us to replace them with new perspectives, and start to put positive beliefs into practice. It is empowering to understand how subconscious factors affect our everyday actions and decisions. It is also liberating and compelling to see renewed belief systems reflected in the positive changes in our lives. 

Communication with the body allows us to recognize our true needs and discover the extent of our own abilities. By establishing a dialogue with your body, you will learn to use it as a compass to guide you on your life's path, and help you find authentic solutions to your problems. The ability to read signals from the body will empower you to become friends with your emotions, make better decisions, and more thoughtful choices. 

Freeing yourself from limiting beliefs, and making decisions based on love and your authentic self, will allow you to be more open to love, creativity and opportunity, enable you to create your life more consciously, and deepen the quality of your personal and professional relationships.