Become the Conscious Creator of Your Life, And Start Living with Passion & Purpose

At The School of Creation™, we help to uncover, and understand subconscious limitations and transform them into a positive driving force. We empower you to consciously create the life YOU want by understanding your Authentic Self, your core values, and vision. Our methods, founded in the ancient wisdom of many cultures and adapted into practical applications for our modern world, allow you to learn and integrate these concepts through personal experience. This creation process is based on the principle that the source of Divine wisdom lies WITHIN YOU, a place of Being, and not just doing; the point of creation itself, and a place that you can access and return to at any time.

Let go of limiting beliefs. Discover your true, timeless self. Start living your best life NOW. At The School of Creation™ we give you the tools to be the Conscious Creator of your life, to make your life's vision a reality.

What we offer

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Individual Sessions

For anyone wishing to find immediate understanding, and resolution of a specific problem or reoccurring issue.

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Relationship Building Workshops

For anyone looking to take their relationship to new heights or attract love that is aligned with their core values and life goals.

school of creation, retreat, copan, honduras

Relationship Retreat | Copan, Honduras

For more advanced students we provide an annual, week-long Relationship Retreat, set in the beautiful scenery of the Copan Valley in Honduras. For dates and details, please see Events page.

school of creation, retreat, zakopane, honduras

Relationship Retreat | Zakopane, Poland

Our Relationship Intensive retreat takes place amidst the backdrop of the beautiful Tatry Mountains in Southern Poland. The workshop is held in Zakopane, Poland several times a year. For dates and details, please see Events page.

  • The process of Creation gave me the tools to recognize Truth from untruth and replace destructive mechanisms with solutions that build lasting relationships with others. It freed me from beliefs that restricted the creation of my own relationship and today, instead of fighting about who is better, we walk together in the same direction.

    — Asia G. Warsaw, Poland