Joanna Gruszeczka

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Senior teacher

I am a teacher specializing in the Process of Creation for relationships and business. I help my clients to attain their goals, by helping them define and execute their vision, both in their personal and profesional lives.

I also work with clients to help them understand which of their limiting beliefs are holding them back from creating meaningful intimate and professional relationships, and then transform them so that they become the driving force in their lives. To better understand themselves and the difficult experiences that they are facing, and what these could be teaching them.

I offer both individual sessions and group workshops. In sessions and meditations I assit clients in solving everyday difficulties and finding the best course of action, based on intuitive guidance, integrity, and love. At group workshops, I teach clients Conscious Creation and the tools needed to deal with difficult situations independently, and with their own inner guidance. Individual sessions can be performed in person or via Skype in both Polish and English.

Languages Spoken: 
Krakow , ML