Event Courses

This series of advanced Teacher Training workshops has been specifically created for those who want to assist others in their journeys of self-discovery. During these workshops, you will study the School of Creation Process in-depth, and apply it to support and guide others to become the conscious creators of their relationships. You will learn how to remain calm and balanced while facing somebody’s emotional distress, to ask supportive questions and empower others in their personal development and understanding. You will become a loving witness of somebody’s growth.

Many of us yearn to find our place in the world, to understand our purpose and to overcome life's obstacles. At times it seems that life is just a random series of unconnected events with little meaning. Early on in our lives, we often develop incorrect coping strategies for very difficult or emotional situations. These subconscious coping strategies remain with us into adulthood and can limit our lives, or harm our relationships. We can find ourselves repeating patterns or feeling like we are victims of circumstance.

A series of specialized workshops designed to help actors come out of character, and transition back to themselves after an intensive performance run.

In their attempt to authentically and compellingly portray a character, actors must often immerse themselves fully in their roles- embodying the person they are portraying, living through their experiences, and feeling all of their emotions. When it comes time to retiring their character, some may find it challenging to come out of their roles and return back to themselves.