Event Courses

In this phase you will begin to cement the foundation for your life together, and create all the necessary elements to support it. At this point you will better understand your roles and responsibilities, realize your shared motivations and challenges, and observe your strengths and weaknesses. You may decide to buy or build a home, and prepare othere elements to support your (potential) family's needs.

In this phase you will act as a loving mirror to your partner. You will honestly reflect your feelings, observations, and experiences over the last few months of work. You will also receive this same feedback from your partner. The emphasis here is clear and honest communication, and the acceptance of this feedback without anger, defensiveness or feelings of being criticized.

This advanced workshop is intended for those who have completed steps 1-9 of our Relationship Building workshop series, and want to deepen their understanding even further. During this workshop, you will review all the steps of The Creation Process and the effects they have on your current relationship. From this higher perspective you will gain a new understanding of your current situation, and all of its influences. This will be like stepping of the picture and looking at it in its entirety, with the ability to fully “see” it in its entirety, and comprehend it all. You will get to the core of the issue and will be able to transform the beliefs stopping your relationship from developing to its fullest potential.

Prerequisite: Completion of Relationship Development Workshops 1-9

For anyone looking to take their relationship to new heights or attract love that is aligned with their core values and life goals. During this intensive 10 part series of workshops, we will progress through each phase of the Personal Spectrum of Creation, and explore our beliefs associated with personal relationships.

This series of advanced Teacher Training workshops has been specifically created for those who want to assist others in their journeys of self-discovery. During these workshops, you will study the School of Creation Process in-depth, and apply it to support and guide others to become the conscious creators of their relationships. You will learn how to remain calm and balanced while facing somebody’s emotional distress, to ask supportive questions and empower others in their personal development and understanding. You will become a loving witness of somebody’s growth.

Many of us yearn to find our place in the world, to understand our purpose and to overcome life's obstacles. At times it seems that life is just a random series of unconnected events with little meaning. Early on in our lives, we often develop incorrect coping strategies for very difficult or emotional situations. These subconscious coping strategies remain with us into adulthood and can limit our lives, or harm our relationships. We can find ourselves repeating patterns or feeling like we are victims of circumstance.

A series of specialized workshops designed to help actors come out of character, and transition back to themselves after an intensive performance run.

In their attempt to authentically and compellingly portray a character, actors must often immerse themselves fully in their roles- embodying the person they are portraying, living through their experiences, and feeling all of their emotions. When it comes time to retiring their character, some may find it challenging to come out of their roles and return back to themselves.