Event Courses

This crucial stage represents the beta testing phase of your project, where your product is introduced to a carefully chosen group of customers. Gathering accurate feedback is crucial for evaluating how your product is received, its performance, the need for potential improvements, and its alignment with your vision and specifications. This step demands two key attributes of consciousness: speaking the unfiltered truth, without embellishment, and presenting your endeavor authentically.

In the previous workshop, we emphasized the value of embracing feedback and reframing it as a valuable resource rather than criticism. At this crucial stage, you will closely examine your responses to the feedback received, integrating the gathered insights with the wisdom and knowledge accumulated throughout every stage of your project's development.

In this transformative workshop, you will engage in deep reflection of every stage of the Spectrum of Creation, witnessing how the Universe has responded to your creative endeavor. As you observe how your project has unfolded, you will gain deep insight into the underlying forces that drive the Creation process, illuminating the intricate relationship between cause and effect. This perspective allows you the opportunity to witness the dynamic interplay of action and reaction, guided by the principles inherent in the Spectrum of Creation process.

A clear vision in the creative process is essential in bringing any project or idea into fruition. But this clarity can often obstructed by external influences, ideas and programs that consciously and subconsciously limit us and our progress. At the School of Creation we offer a compassionate and unique approach to uncovering and defining the authentic vision of each individual, helping you move forward in the creative proccess.

This hour and a half hour long group session that will introduce you to the unspoken language of your body. You will learn how to access the areas of your body where you feel tension or pain, and observe the memories and feelings that arise. This will help you to re-experience the emotions you felt at the time the memory was formed, and are still stored there. By reflecting on situations or events that lead you to create these feelings, you will be able to identify your coping mechanisms and understand their positive and negative repercussions on your life.

The Introductory Workshop Series provides an opportunity to explore the Father, Mother, and Child Archetypes and serves as a precursor to understanding the interconnection of emotions, thoughts, beliefs, behavioral patterns and the positive or negative physical reactions that can result from them. Our primary focus is on developing an internal relationship between these three archetypes, or aspects within ourselves, unifying our energetic ‘Internal Family.’  This forms the foundation for creating new awareness that can be built upon when creating personal relationships and embarking on professional endeavors.

During the weekend workshop you will learn to communicate with your body and understand its messages. We will begin by observing your body and identifying the areas of tension. Then we will learn how to access those places, retrieve what is stored there, and reprogram coping mechanisms.

In this opening workshop you will set the intention for the type of relationship you want to create. As the architect of your own life, you will discover that behind every endeavor, whether artistic, professional, or interpersonal, is a creative process guided by specific principles.

At this second stage, you will embark on an immersive journey of exploration and reflection, delving into your past experiences with the aim of unearthing your inherent strengths and identifying areas for further growth. You will leverage this profound insight as the foundation for catalyzing meaningful change in your life.

In this workshop, you will define and create an environment that nurtures the growth of your relationship. You will move beyond simply envisioning what you want your relationship to be, and start to develop the methodologies to bring your vision to life.