Business Development Workshops

For anyone looking to take an idea or passion and make it into a profitable and value-driven business.

During this course, you will learn to access your inner wisdom, explore subconscious blocks, release limiting beliefs and clearly define your vision. Based on your inner wisdom and heart-felt decision-making, you will identify the values and motivation behind your service or product, the needs of your customers and your place in the marketplace.

As a authentic creator, you will determine your strengths and the plan of action needed to move your project forward. You will create a business plan and learn to effectively communicate your vision to potential employees, customers and investors.


In this first workshop, you will identify your core values, motivations and aspirations, assessing the needs of the marketplace and the involvement of external collaborators and stakeholders.This analysis will empower you craft a clear and compelling vision for your venture, exploring key aspects that encompass defining your true purpose, envisioning the impact you aspire to create, and forging alignment between your vision, values, and the needs of the marketplace.

In this workshop, you will explore the valuable wisdom inherent in your past life experiences and recognize the effort you have already invested in developing yourself personally and professionally. By embracing this understanding, you will not only gain insights into the knowledge, skills, and resources that you already possess, but also gain clarity on areas that may require further growth or transformation. This process cultivates a strong sense of connection and offers a solid foundation that supports you as you move forward with your venture.

In this workshop, you will define the form your project will take. Using your vision as your compass, you will draw from lessons of past experiences, determine the needs of the market and develop potential solutions. This form is essential for translating your visionary energy into tangible outcomes. The project description also covers effective strategies for navigating the diverse situations and challenges you may face on your journey, including the exploration and implementation of new and innovative approaches.

During this workshop, you will consolidate the knowledge and skills acquired from the initial three stages of the program. This includes aligning the 3 Archetypes of the ‘Inner Family,’ defining your vision, extracting wisdom from past experiences, and crafting a comprehensive project description. Through this integration process, you will identify areas where you can enhance your understanding, expertise, and confidence level, to effectively bring your project to the next phase. The outcome of this stage will be a compelling presentation that defines your future product or service.

This stage your symbolizes your project’s emergence into the external world, where you begin to present your concepts  to potential collaborators , team members and investors. Here, you will acquire the skills to genuinely inspire others to join your venture, placing a strong emphasis on cultivating authentic and charismatic leadership. This exploration will focus on key areas crucial for your organization or project: focusing on establishing a solid framework, developing leadership skills, improving communication with collaborators, and addressing challenges of self-worth and interpersonal conflict to maintain balanced power dynamics.

At this stage, you will attain a clear vision of what you aim to create, how you will execute it, and whom you will collaborate with. The key lies in avoiding assumptions and expectations, and instead focusing on understanding the genuine needs, possibilities, and limitations of yourself, your project, partners, and clients. By mindfully observing situations and being aware of the physical sensations of emotions related to deadlines, knowhow, resources, finances, or support, you will enable yourself to make more deliberate and informed decisions. Establishing healthy boundaries becomes crucial, allowing you to assess your capabilities and commit accordingly, ensuring that your actions align with genuine passion rather than obligation.

During this pivotal stage, you will develop a prototype of your product, serving as both the proof of concept and the foundation for its successful entry into the marketplace. Here, you will assess the practical aspects of your prototype, identify strengths and weaknesses, make any necessary adjustments, and ensure it continues to align with your vision. For the first time you will bring your objectives from the previous five stages into physical reality, presenting you with the opportunity for honest reflection and appreciation, and the objective acknowledgement of the positive and negative aspects that may arise. If any elements do not align with your specifications, you can trace them back to earlier stages and make necessary adjustments to address the issues, encouraging you to refine and align your goals with the outcomes you desire.

In this workshop, you will integrate the valuable insights acquired in all the preceding stages of the Creation Process, which have culminated in the tangible realization of your prototype. Here you will examine the successes and challenges of each stage and determine any changes that need to be made to propel your project forward. Once you have identified areas that require improvement, you will have the opportunity to revisit earlier stages of the Creation Process, allowing you to pinpoint the root causes of any setbacks you may be encountering and implement the necessary adjustments.

During this workshop you will delve into the impact of your ancestral lineage and karmic history on your creative endeavors. Here you will examine how the choices of yesterday shape today, and how today’s actions can shape tomorrow. By gaining a deep understanding of your behavioral DNA, you will have the opportunity to release outdated beliefs and behaviors that persist within you and drive your actions. Armed with this knowledge, you can break free from the cycle of past mistakes and forge a path towards enduring and successful future endeavors.

At this stage, a multitude of activities demand precise coordination and alignment to ensure the successful launch of your product or service. Not only product and market readiness but all the elements of the supporting infrastructure. During this phase of the process, a delicate balance must be struck between logic, knowhow, and intuition. By harnessing the power of emotional intelligence, you will unlock the ability to tap into your intuition during your daily business endeavors, effectively navigating the complexities of negotiation, time management, financial parameters, and interpersonal relationships.

This crucial stage represents the beta testing phase of your project, where your product is introduced to a carefully chosen group of customers. Gathering accurate feedback is crucial for evaluating how your product is received, its performance, the need for potential improvements, and its alignment with your vision and specifications. Here it is important to embrace feedback without self-judgment or judgement of others, as these insights have the potential to profoundly enhance and elevate the quality of your product. Engaging with others allows you to unearth subtle imperfections or oversights that may have gone unnoticed, and help tailor your product more effectively to your customer base.

In our previous workshop, we emphasized the value of embracing feedback and reframing it as a valuable resource rather than criticism. At this crucial stage, you will closely examine your responses to the feedback received, integrating the gathered insights with the wisdom and knowledge accumulated throughout every stage of your project’s development. As you continue your journey of self-reflection, you will explore any negative emotions or reactions triggered by the feedback. This exploration will equip you with transformative tools to unravel the beliefs or behavioral patterns underlying these responses. It’s common for certain topics to resurface from various sources, prompting a profound exploration of their underlying causes.

In this transformative workshop, you will engage in deep reflection of every stage of the Spectrum of Creation process, witnessing how the Universe has responded to your creative endeavors. This perspective allows you the opportunity to witness the dynamic interplay of action and reaction, guided by the principles inherent in the 10 stages. As you observe how your life has unfolded, you will gain profound insight into the underlying forces that drive the Creation Process, illuminating the intricate relationship between cause and effect.