Monika Skowrońska

Monika Jakubiak, teacher, School of Creation, nauczyciel
Senior teacher

I am a teacher at the School of Creation, a Lomi Lomi Nui massage therapist and Tibetan sound bowl therapist. I have a background in sociology, and specialize in negotiation, mediation and conflict resolutions. I work with individuals, and couples who desire to create a relationship based on love, trust and mutual understanding.

Since I started my adventure with the School of Creation in 2011, I have changed almost everything in my life (everything that had not worked). Firstly, I freed myself from tough and unhealthy relationships and business projects. I became aware of the power that creating from the heart has; creating by actually being love, not just expecting it. I discovered my true vocation and passions, that I am not afraid to follow.

Through my work, I combine various hollistic methods that support personal development on the three planes of existence: body, mind and soul. Thanks to my own transformation, I am able to understand the journey that is in front of you and I am ready to be your companion there.

I have a 10-year business background (including managerial positions) in Poland, Italy and Argentina, in the training, HR and IT sectors. I also worked as a trainer of psychosocial abilities for over 12 years. My many years of experience in business, have provided me with the ability to support others willing to create with passion, while still following their values. I assist people in creating business projects consistent with their life mission, that help lead to long term joy and fulfillment.

I will accompany and support you on your journey to who you really are, and what you want to create. I will help you understand the experiences and emotions that have hindered your development, and closed you off to the joy and curiosity possible in everyday life. I will help you bring out the potential that has been hidden in you.

I conduct individual sessions in person (in Warsaw, Poznan, Leszno) or via Skype in Polish, English and Italian. I invite you to meditations and workshops as well. 

I love travelling, yoga and people. And I really love my job!

Languages Spoken: 
Warsaw , MZ