Anna Dąbrowska

Anna Dabrowska, School of Creation, Teacher

My passion is to inspire others to become conscious creators and to truly love themselves, to build solid foundations, based on simple values ​​and rooted in love, in the most important areas of life.

I have always been willing to make changes and take on new challenges. I graduated in Management and Cosmetology, and held many different positions in my career: from a marketing specialist to HR manager, from accounting in the IT industry to managing my own company. I have experienced many successes and failures in my own business over the years, and today I remember this as a time of great learning.

My time as a cosmetologist and manager of a holistic business, lead me in the direction of working with the body. For several years I practised massage, where I developed my own techniques and treatments. I then became fascinated by cranio-sacral therapy, until I finally discovered the Process of Creation.

I now focus on empowering my clients by using a combination of holistic techniques, based on my years of therapeutic and personal experience. These include movement, sound and art therapy workshops, as well as relationship-building and healing work for families. I help my clients creatively and consciously follow their path, based on the wisdom of the body- to understand their emotions, get to truly know and accept themselves, and learn to break free from self-limitations and beliefs.

My varied career and experience as a longtime partner and mother, have given me the ability to work with clients on both professional and personal topics. From building relationships in the workplace or running a business, to personal relationships and parenting (including teenage children). Artistic creation and simple, ethical solutions for life and in business are the driving force behind my work.

I invite you to individual, personal or skype sessions, meditations and workshops.

Languages Spoken: 
Warszawa , MZ