Understanding the Language of the Body

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Many of us yearn to find our place in the world, to understand our purpose and to overcome life's obstacles. At times it seems that life is just a random series of unconnected events with little meaning. Early on in our lives, we often develop incorrect coping strategies for very difficult or emotional situations. These subconscious coping strategies remain with us into adulthood and can limit our lives, or harm our relationships. We can find ourselves repeating patterns or feeling like we are victims of circumstance.

If we look closely, we begin to see that underneath these seemingly chaotic events, lay deeper messages and a reservoir of wisdom waiting to be explored. There is an underlying dynamic that determines whether we struggle or are successful in life, not only with professional projects, but with relationships and other endeavors. What we often don't realize is that there is a process, structure, cause and effect in every situation. When we learn to understand this, we begin to make better decisions and more informed choices.

During the Understanding the Language of the Body seminar, you will begin to learn to communicate with your body and understand its messages. We will start with observing the body and identifying the areas of tension. We will then learn to access a specific area of pain in the body, often linked to a life situation that is challenging you. When the painful or tense area is worked on, you may remember fragments of memories from the past and the feelings that went along with them. These feelings will ultimately lead us to a specific situation which affecyed you deeply. At the root of that memory will be a belief that is formed about yourself, others, or life in general. 

This belief is often a coping mechanism, that allowed you to suppress the pain of the situation. Although it helped at the time, it may no longer be beneficial to you now, and can be limiting your current life. Now you will have an opportunity to observe this belief, and work on transforming it, so you can create a new way to deal with the similar situations in the future.