Relationship Building Retreat

For anyone looking to take their relationship to new heights or attract love that is aligned with their core values and life goals.

It is dedicated to those who already participated in 1-9  relationship workshops. During this one week intensive you will observe your unconscious programming of each phase of the Personal Spectrum of Creation, and explore your coping mechanizms associated with personal relationships. At this intensive retreat, we will go through the step-by-step Creation Process to identify and release stored limiting beliefs, re-look at past relationships and determine what re-occurring challenges or difficulties these beliefs may have caused. Focusing on our relationship with our partner, we will also take a closer look at how our upbringing, family experience and personal history affect our beliefs on close relationships and love.

This workshop, will enable you to see yourself as a whole and allow you to fine youw misunderstandings of what love is. will We will focus on how the mirroring, or unspoken dialog, in your relationships occurs. It will help you to recognize and understand the outdated coping mechanisms or beliefs that may be affecting you and your closest relationships. You will also learn how to modify and transform these negative feelings into a positive life force and manifest authentic love in your life or with your partner.

Through meditation, self exploration and the release of limiting beliefs you will gain a new clarity that radiates from your authentic self. You will define you core values, identify key life goals and set the vision for the relationship you truly aspire to. Based on the idea of the laws of attraction, you will learn to hold the vibration of your authentic self and thus attract the love you desire that resonates at the same frequency.

Those in existing relationships will benefit by defining their shared goals and visions, learning to effectively communicate their needs and come together co-create the relationship of their dreams. Whether you are single or married, attend by yourself or with your partner, this workshop will bring clarity and understanding of your interactions with others.

Part 1 | The Seed: Defining Intention and Vision

In this first phase, you will set your intention for the kind of relationship you are looking for, define your core values, and decide what you are willing to commit to. Drawing from your own needs and reflecting on the relationships that have inspired you, you will start to define the relationship you desire. Through meditation, and learning to intuitively listen to your body’s responses, you will begin to gauge what feels right to you and what path you should take that aligns with your goals and values.

Part 2 | Experience: Gathering Wisdom from Life

In the second phase, you will gather all the experience you have gone through yourself, or seen others go through around you, and draw wisdom from it about what you truly want from a relationship, examining what worked for you in the past and what didn’t. Here you will open yourself up to possibility, and fully immersing yourself in the experience –letting yourself be curious, present and playful.

Part 3 | Definitions: Form and Method

In this phase, you will use the knowledge and wisdom you gathered in Phase 2, to start to develop a clear definition of the relationship you want to manifest. Here you will consider the words you need to fully and intentionally describe what it is you want the relationship to be, and the methods you will put in place on a daily basis to make it happen.

Part 4 | Power: Soliciting Support Using Inspiration

In this phase you will verbalize your intentions, and present your vision your partner, and to the world in general. Through meaningful communication, you will identify priorities, values and a plan of action and see how these compare to those of your partner. You will work together to determine if your ideals are in alignment, where they overlap, or if you have different needs and goals altogether and how/if these can be reconciled.

Part 5 | Boundaries: Implementation Sequencing - Building Cooperation

In this phase you will put together a timeline and plan of action on how your relationship is going to unfold and steps you are going to take to make it happen. You will also learn to set boundaries and put your shared goals into practice. Here you will define the activities you are going to share versus your personal hobbies. You will learn how to make choices, define priorities, and discuss these with your partner.

Part 6 | Physical Manifestation: Reality of the Vision

In this phase you will begin to take action and implement the plans defined in phase 5. This may be as simple as doing more activities together, taking a vacation or working on small projects. Here you will be able to experience, and evaluate how your relationship works for both parties, with a defined and shared vision. At this stage, you will examine the reationship you have crafted so far, and what you have learned from it - which methods worked and which need to be modified or corrected.

Part 7 | Road Map: Long Term Planning

In this phase, based on what you have created thus far, you will examine how your relationship fits into the greater context of your life and begin planning for the long term. This could mean a commitment to create a home or family together. It will include work on what kind of legacy you want to leave to the world, such as children, public service, being part of a spiritual community, or through your chosen career. Here you will put together a long term plan, and set it in motion.

Part 8 | Infrastructure: Supporting your Vision

In this phase you will begin to cement the foundation for your life together, and create all the necessary elements to support it. At this point you will better understand your roles and responsibilities, realize your shared motivations and challenges, and observe your strengths and weaknesses. You may decide to buy or build a home, and prepare othere elements to support your (potential) family's needs.

Part 9 | Virtual Reality:  The Final Test

In this phase you will act as a loving mirror to your partner. You will honestly reflect your feelings, observations, and experiences over the last few months of work. You will also receive this same feedback from your partner. The emphasis here is clear and honest communication, and the acceptance of this feedback without anger, defensiveness or feelings of being criticized.

Part 10 | Trusting the fruits of your creation

From this higher perspective you will gain a new understanding of your current situation, and all of its influences. This will be like stepping of the picture and looking at it in its entirety, with the ability to fully “see” it, and comprehend it all. You will learn how to get confidence in your understanding of the everyday life situations and to be able to create solutions based on the understanding and wisdom of your heart.


You will get to the core of the issue and will be able to transform the beliefs stopping your relationship from developing to its fullest potential.