Relationship Building 10

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Creation is defined as the act or sequence of bringing something into existence, from concept to the physical manifestation. From start to finish there are 10 phases in the Spectrum of Creation process. Anything we create must go through these 10 phases, in this order, to be sustainable and thrive long-term. Nine are unique and the tenth is the culmination and integration of the previous nine. Each stage requires specific know-how to invoke its particular wisdom, and each has an important lesson to teach us.

For anyone looking to take their relationship to new heights or attract love that is aligned with their core values and life goals. During this 10-week series of Relationship Development Workshops, we will guide you through the Spectrum of Creation process, to help you define and manifest the relationship you dream of.

Throughout this course, you will use meditation and a series of guided exercises to identify and release stored limiting beliefs, re-look at past relationships and determine what re-occurring challenges or difficulties these beliefs may have caused. With a new clarity and coming from your authentic self, you will define you core values, identify key life goals and set the vision for the relationship you truly aspire to. Based on the idea of the laws of attraction, you will learn to hold the vibration of your authentic self and thus attract the love you desire that resonates at the same frequency.

Those in existing relationships will benefit by defining their shared goals and visions, learning to effectively communicate their needs and come together co-create the relationship of their dreams.

Workshop 10 | Advanced Training: Living the Vision

This advanced workshop is intended for those who have completed steps 1-9 of our Relationship Building workshop series, and want to deepen their understanding even further. During this workshop, you will review all the steps of The Creation Process and the effects they have on your current relationship. From this higher perspective you will gain a new understanding of your current situation, and all of its influences. This will be like stepping of the picture and looking at it in its entirety, with the ability to fully “see” it, and comprehend it all. You will get to the core of the issue and will be able to transform the beliefs stopping your relationship from developing to its fullest potential.

Prerequisite: Completion of Relationship Development Workshops 1-9