Business Development 08


During this phase, you will build the logistical infrastructure that underlies the strategic, long-term plan you have created. This process will entail upholding the overarching vision for your concept while attending to the intricate details that demand thorough planning and precise execution.

At this stage, a multitude of activities demand precise coordination and alignment to ensure the successful launch of your product or service. Not only product and market readiness but all the elements of the supporting infrastructure. Here, a delicate balance must be struck between logic, knowhow, and intuition. By harnessing the power of emotional intelligence, you will unlock the ability to tap into your intuition during your daily business endeavors, effectively navigating the complexities of negotiation, time management, financial parameters, and interpersonal relationships.

Utilizing your intuition in decision-making, will aid you in effectively identifying potential risks or pitfalls. This process involves attuning yourself to the flow of energy from various sources and observing how it resonates within your body. Leveraging intuition in this way can instill greater confidence in your choices, as it allows you to tap into your inner guidance system to make more well-informed decisions.

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Creation is the process of bringing something into existence, from concept to physical form. The Spectrum of Creation® method encompasses ten essential phases of the Creation process, each building upon the previous and containing unique principles and wisdom. Working sequentially through these stages ensures that anything we create follows a sustainable path and thrives over the long term. Each phase requires specific know-how to invoke its particular wisdom, and each has an important lesson to teach us. While nine are distinct in their teachings, the tenth integrates the lessons of the previous nine.

The Spectrum of Creation® method empowers us to master the principles that govern the creation process and to apply them in practical ways. Through the process of becoming Conscious Creators, we are able to mindfully shape our lives and live in harmony with our deepest heart needs, values and goals.