Business Development 06

Creation is defined as the act or sequence of bringing something into existence, from concept to the physical manifestation. From start to finish there are 10 phases in the Spectrum of Creation process. Anything we create must go through these 10 phases, in this order, to be sustainable and thrive long-term. Nine are unique and the tenth is the culmination and integration of the previous nine. Each stage requires specific know-how to invoke its particular wisdom, and each has an important lesson to teach us. 

During this 10 week series of Business Development workshops, we will guide you through the Spectrum of Creation process, work with you on your venture and provide you with the tools to take your idea or passion and develop it into a profitable and value-driven business.

At these weekend workshops for conscious entrepreneurs, you will learn to access your inner wisdom, explore subconscious blocks, release limiting beliefs and clearly define your vision. Based on your inner wisdom and heart-felt decision-making, you will identify the values and motivation behind your service or product, the needs of your customers and your place in the marketplace. As a authentic creator, you will determine your strengths and the plan of action needed to move your project forward. You will create a business plan and learn to effectively communicate your vision to potential employees, customers and investors.

You will explore these different phases of manifestation, each one evolving from the other, and will be given a detailed road-map of business development related to the Spectrum of Creation. You will experience a unique way of feeling their insights them within your body, as well as the particular thoughts, beliefs, and wisdoms associated with each stage. You will explore each phase, understand your beliefs and behavior in it and understand how the state of your consciousness, or being, affects the results of your doing.

Workshop 6 | Prototype: Reality Check

During this phase you will create and implement your plan, step-by-step. As you set it in motion, you will observe each stage of the process and compare it to the previous steps: you will test to see whether all the elements are aligned in order for you to proceed: your vision, experience, ability, power, support, boundaries, specifications, and scheduling. During this workshop, you will begin to observe your relationship with the physical manifestation of your endeavor. You will examine what factors may leave you entangled with attachments to physical reality or lose sight of your destination.  You will work on your protoype until it works according to your expectations, if not, you you re-evaluate the factors in steps 1-5 and identify where the misalignment(s) have occurred, and adjust accordingly.